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Corn - On Farm P/U - call for bids - 888-424-9871
Corn - Delivered Aylmer/London - Call for bids - 888-424-9871
Soybeans - Delivered Hamilton
Soft Red Winter Wheat
Soft Red Wheat - On Farm Pick-up

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Wheat/Rye Harvest during COVID 19

Unsurprisingly, wheat harvest will look a little different this year thanks to COVID 19.

PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THE SCALEHOUSE. At all. If you need to talk to someone we can help you outside of the scale house, or by coming to the front door of the office. We are asking that customers not enter the scale house or the main area of the office at all.

PLEASE MAINTAIN 2M OF DISTANCE WHEN INTERACTING WITH EMPLOYEES OR OTHER CUSTOMERS. This is pretty standard, try to keep your distance when talking or interacting with others.

PLEASE STAY IN “CUSTOMER WAITING AREA” WHILE UNLOADING. This is an area marked with yellow paint right beside the pit designated for customers to stand in while unloading. That said, customers are welcome to leave this area to open/close doors or remove tarps, we are just asking that when you are not doing those things, you return to the waiting area.

WHEN DELIVERING A SAMPLE FOR A MOISTURE TEST PLEASE CALL AHEAD (519-424-9871). We are asking that so we can be prepared for you when you come as there is no entry into scalehouse. You will also be asked to dump your sample into one of our containers.

REGARDING TICKETS – as there is no entry to scalehouse we have a couple of options:

BEST OPTION: GET THE APP! Just search for the Homeland Grain app in the App Store or Google Play and call us if you get stuck. We can help. This will allow you to see ALL of your tickets as soon as they are completed as well as your contract balances and grain settlements. It really is a great resource.

Alternatively, we could email your tickets to you on a daily basis or group them for pickup next day in the office foyer.

We can also hand you tickets outside of the scalehouse if the above options are not acceptable.

OUR OFFICE IS OPEN. Though you are restricted in how far you can enter, you are welcome to come in and talk marketing, or pick up documents, etc. However, we do ask that only one person be in the foyer at a time for distancing reasons.

We ask for your cooperation in these protocols as they have been implemented to keep both our customers and employees safe and our doors open throughout this busy time.

As always – if you have ANY questions, or a concern about any of the above, do not hesitate to call. We are always open to discussion/suggestions.

Happy harvesting!


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