Agricultural production is impacted by weather, soil type, seed variety, planting dates, etc. Producers can control and effect some of these factors but can only respond to others. Market price direction and level are even less certain than production forecasting. So many factors seem to influence crop prices - from currency values, to oil prices, to crops grown on the other side of the world. Consistent, profitable marketing requires discipline and focus on what you can know or control rather than following the Greed, Fear and Hope marketing plan.

This section is in two parts. One pulls together some of the factors that you can't control that are currently influencing markets. This might include production and supply/demand reports, basis information, charts and anything else that is relevant. Unfortunately news and technicals are a moving target - usually known by the market and discounted by it before we are even aware! 

The second is a simple outline of the 5 Step Marketing Plan, a plan that will focus your marketing actions on achieving what you do want by using the numbers you do or can know. It works in all markets but particularly well in these volatile times. 

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