Grain Elevator Service

Centrally located in the agricultural heartland of Ontario - Homeland Grain Inc. meets the grain marketing needs of cash crop and livestock producers in Oxford, Brant and Norfolk counties.

Homeland Grain Inc. provides a complete grain elevator service including grain elevation, drying and storage. Our range of flexible marketing alternatives is designed to accommodate individual producer's marketing choices and plans. Staff regularly attend Canada Grains Commission courses on grading in order to accurately assess incoming grains.

Homeland Grain Inc. has the capacity to effectively and efficiently handle your grain at harvest.  Our recently added Dorssers Millenium dryer can remove up to 10 points of moisture from 50,000 bu of wet corn a day.  Additional grain storage and a recently enlarged receiving pit facilitate minimal turnaround time for grain unloads during harvest, reduce our energy use footprint and maximize operational efficiency.

For further information on elevator services offered please contact us at 1.888.424.9871